Here’s a question for you.  How much has your current gym, or they gym you used to go to, helped you meet your goals?  Did you get everything you wanted to from your training, or were you hoping for better results?

The fact is, if you want different results, you have to try something different.

We’re Different…in a Good Way

At Thrive Gym, we approach fitness and weight loss differently than other gyms.  Here are a few things we think you should consider as you work towards your fitness goals:

  • It’s not just about the weight – While losing weight can help you win great prizes, becoming skinny and weak doesn’t help anyone.  At Thrive Gym, we believe that fitness is really about having the strength to be active and do the things you love.
  • Not all calories are created equal – While it’s true that calories burned versus calories eaten is the basic formula for weight loss, what is even more important is what you get out of each calorie.  Phytonutrients from a diet high in vegetables not only help you lose weight but help to fight off disease.
  • True health lasts a lifetime, not just for a few weeks – A lot of people take part in fitness challenges or boot camps that last for a short period of time.  But, this is about your health for the rest of your life, not just for the next six weeks.  You can start to build good habits during a challenge, but the most important thing, for your health, is to keep going and make these habits life-long.
  • Stay smart, stay safe – Some gyms train new members too hard, too fast and use equipment or exercises that can cause injury.  At Thrive, we believe that your training should begin where you are, and that you should build up gradually as your capacity for exercise increases.  This helps prevent injuries, burnout and keeps the workouts fun, which they should be.
  • The only competition is you – Competition is great for people engaged in team sports with tournament goals in mind.  For everyday training, it has no place.  At Thrive Gym, you will not feel the sting of peer pressure or judgment as you work toward your goals.  We encourage all of our clients to only listen to voices that empower them.  Judgment impedes progress.  Acceptance and exploration promotes growth.


Remember, if you want different results than you’ve had in the past, you have to try something different.  If you want better workouts, you have to try a better gym.