Thrive Gym

Steven Strawderman, Perform Better

“After working with Bruce for the last few months, I know how much time and effort he has given to make this dream space a reality. By taking the extra time and effort to scrutinize every small detail – everything from the state of the art architectural design of their new facility to ensuring their members that they will have the functional equipment that will push them to that next level; Thrive Gym has really set their members up for success. I am certainly looking forward to seeing all of the pieces come together.”

Thrive Gym

Jon F.

“My experience at Thrive gym is the best of all the gyms I have been to over the (many) years. I am working out in a different, more enjoyable way, and feel amazingly greater in my daily life. At Thrive, I feel there is a guiding vision of a more natural effective way of exercising, using superior equipment. It is truly a higher level, more advanced approach, much more in tune with the way my body really works, which for me has paid dividends in a way superior quality of fitness. You need to experience this for yourself to understand what I mean. The deep knowledge and intelligence that Erin and Bruce bring to their gym is amazing, and their kindness and sincerity make Thrive a gym with a heart!”– Jon F.

Thrive Gym

Drew P.

“Working with Bruce was absolutely the experience I was looking for. Not only was he motivation to show up and push myself, but he’s always intent on teaching. He takes the old “teach a person to fish” proverb to heart, and throws in a ton of variety and fun, too. I mean, I learned to sword fight as I built muscle!”

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