Start to thrive at Thrive Gym

Welcome to Thrive Gym’s website!  We are glad you stopped by.

Right now, Thrive Gym is in a period of transition.  We had planned to move to a great new location on the Coralville strip over the weekend, but that did not happen.  The City of Coralville said there was inadequate parking and the landlord backed out of the deal.

Right now, we are looking for alternative locations and investors to help us rise stronger than before.

We know from experience that potential clients are only ready to buy once.  So, it’s possible that you will go to one of our competitors in the area as we are on hiatus.  We hope to be there for you when you are ready for a real change in your health and physique.

Thanks, again, for the visit.  We hope to meet you soon!

Your advocates for genuine health and well being,
Erin & Bruce