Start to thrive at Thrive Gym

Welcome to Thrive Gym’s website!  We are glad you stopped by.

As you may know, we are in the process of relocating to a better space.  And we have big news…

After a nearly six month process, we finally have a lease and a key to our new location in north Coralville.  And, we have a TON of remodeling to do.

But, we have the best architects in the state, Sanjay and Tony from AKAR Architecture, designing the new space, and here’s a quick preview of what it’s going to look like…

We will have more images for you soon, and remodeling updates, but for now, we want to let you know that after New Year’s we will have a sales office open at the new site and will have a good deal of gear open for you to try out for free!

Watch our Facebook page (and here) for information about our office hours.  We really look forward to seeing all our clients (new and returning) in the new year!

Thanks, again, for the visit.  We hope to meet you soon!

Your advocates for genuine health and well being,
Erin & Bruce