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Want to train on your own? Come and use the best array of functional equipment in the midwest. Want dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and sandbags? We’ve got those. Want Truform, S-Drive or rowing for cardio? We’ve got those too. Want squat racks and ten different kinds of barbells? Only at Thrive. Want the safest, smartest equipment for beginners and pro athletes? Right here. Want some fun and variety in your workouts? Thrive Gym is the place to be.


At Thrive Gym, you don’t just stand in a class and watch an instructor on a stage. You get to throw balls, hoist sandbags, row, bike, run and jump in classes that offer amazing, exciting workouts for every fitness level. Oh, and did we mention we have a demonstration kitchen? So, there are cooking classes too!


This is it. If you are looking to lose weight, get stronger, or just feel better, this is the one for you. Take access to the gym and classes, then add in small group training that focuses on your individual needs, 1-on-1 evaluations, coaching in our Stairway weight loss system, social support for making good decisions when you are away from the gym… The Program helps you get healthier and feel better for the rest of your life.


Overseen by our PhD nutrition consultant, the nutrition program we recommend is the one recommended by the nation’s largest health care provider and is the only diet that can help you lower your cholesterol and blood sugar, reverse heart disease and diabetes and lower the risk of developing many types of cancer. Combined with our Stairway weight loss system, it will help you reach a body weight that is not only healthy, but feels great.


Need a place for the kids to play while you work out?  We have you covered!  Our kids room is open weekdays 8am-noon and 4pm-7pm, and 8am-11am on Saturdays.  We offer monthly passes and drop in rates.  So, have a great workout knowing your kids are having fun too!

You can start any time you want! Just drop by and tell us what you need.

Try something new.
Be excellent to each other.
Have fun.
Always keep learning.
Never be bored.
Clean up after yourself.
Respect the red.

Unlike other places, Thrive Gym doesn’t trap you into a contract. If you need to leave, we hope you will come back soon, but we understand and don’t make it hard for you.

Live in a Body that Feels Great

Join Thrive Gym and lose weight, get stronger, and feel better for the rest of your life.