We welcome August and ALL Thrive Members to help us transition into a “back to school” routine by participating in a NEW Fitness Challenge! Walk, run, row, bike, elliptical, HIIT your way to the MOST LBS. LOST (safely, of course). We’re keeping it simple, document your start and end weight for us with a photo of each, email it to: [email protected] and let the added cardio in your life do the rest.

  • Message from the Owner
    Change is inevitable and we want your opinion on restructuring the gym floor.  We appreciate your insight and input at Thrive Gym so please send us an email, talk to our staff, leave us a comment on social media or in our suggestion box on how YOU think we can make our wellness space more inviting and functional before fall.  New Equipment..New Classes..A New Layout, etc. we can’t wait to get your fresh ideas for C H A N G E ! ! !

Exercise of the Month:

Abdominal Cross Crunch:

  • Sit down on the flat bench with your legs stretched out in front of you. 
  • Lean back slightly and lift your feet off the floor- this is your starting position
  • Using your abs, pull your knees up towards your shoulders- as you exhale. Ensure you also move your shoulders down toward your knees at the same time, but don’t bend your back.
  • For more oblique focus- twist knees side to side with each rep
  • Slowly return to your starting position.
  • Do 3-4 sets with 15 reps! 

Smoothie of the Month:

This month we’re bringing back a previous smoothie of the month, our Sunny Day!

The high vitamin and mineral content found in superfoods can help your body ward off diseases and keep you healthier. When incorporated into a well-balanced diet, these foods can promote heart health, weight loss, improve energy levels and even reduce the effects of aging.

* Feel free to substitute Coconut Milk for Almond Milk

* Add Dates or coconut flakes for a natural sweetener!

*Add a scoop of our Plant-based or Whey Protein for ONLY $1

Live Group Exercise Schedule:


5:45am-6:15am Cardio BLAST (Kathy)

9:15am-9:45am Cardio BLAST (Kathy)


5:45am-6:15am Cycle & Core 

8:30am-9:00am Cardio BLAST

9:15am-9:45am Cycle & Core


5:45am-6:15am KettleKUT

9:15am-9:45am KettleKUT


5:45am-6:15am BurnOUT (Kathy)

8:30-9:00am KettleKUT

9:15am-9:45am BurnOUT (Kathy)



8:00am-8:45am Spin (Kathy, Margaret, Autumn)

9:15am-10:00am NineFifteen (Nikolai- workout floor)

9:30am-10:15am Mind/Body Yoga (Molly) 





Cardio BLAST short intervals of cardio burst on the treadmills, bikes, stair steppers for a cardio burning blast in a quick 30 min class

Cycle & Core– get the cardio benefit of a run without the impact in this cycling class that focuses on the toning abs/back all in one class

KettleKUT– swing, lift, drive, and curl that kettlebell to tone total body for that fresh KUT body

BurnOUT– plyo, bodyweight, bands, weights, medicine balls, cardio…it all belongs in this class to ensure your body gets an ultimate workout

August Fitness Challenge:

This Month we wanted to switch it up a bit and encourage members to stay active and healthy so we decided to do a Weight Loss Challenge! Simply record your weight by documenting a picture at the beginning and end of the month, then send your results to [email protected]

We will be rewarding the top 3 winners:

1st place: $25 gift card, Thrive gym T-shirt + water bottle, 1 month FREE membership, & smoothie card

2nd place: $10 gift card, Thrive gym T-shirt + water bottle, & smoothie card

3rd place: Thrive gym T-shirt + 2 smoothie cards

Good luck to all!


Virtual Classroom 


How To Use The iPad

  • Press the home button to wake up the screen
  • How To Choose and Play a Class

Click on the ‘Videos’ tab

Scroll through the classes and choose which one you would like to do

Click on the class you would like to take

 Class details will pop up and you are able to read about the class and what equipment it requires

Click on the play button in the middle of the screen and the class will start on the TV downstairs) THANK YOU!

We offer many different types of classes – mind & body, strength, spin, cardio, tabata, and more!!


Zen Planner Membership App


Do you have our Zen Planner Member App?

When you signed up for Thrive Gym, you should have gotten a welcome email that explained how you can download this app with a temporary password! If you did not receive this email or can’t find it, just send us an email and we will email you a link to get all signed up for our app!

What are the benefits of having this App?

– Quickly contact us directly

– Easily edit your profile if your address/number/email changes

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