Change is inevitable.. Some love it -some loathe it but change is all around us. The control lies in how we process change at Thrive Gym, we celebrate CHANGE! The change of equipment, the change of personal fitness growth within our space. WE are excited to be adding an all NEW group exercise class schedule to mix in July. If you want to change your body, change up your fitness routine by trying one of our group exercise classes today!

Smoothie Month: The Sherwood

Need an extra push of energy pre/post workout? The Sherwood is a cold brew based smoothie that will give you that little burst of energy that you need while you enjoy a yummy cold smoothie in this hot summer weather!

Message from the Owner

Work, Have Fun, Workout… Life is all about finding that perfect balance and we are so excited to level up our fitness facility by adding a Physical Therapist to Thrive Gym! Please Join us on Saturday, July 17th for our Open House, from 10am-2pm, to officially welcome Matthew Wilson PT, DPT. We have thoroughly enjoyed offering a safe, state of the art fitness facility and we look forward to creating a more efficient wellness environment to assist members in finding that perfect work-life balance at Thrive Gym.

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Exercise of the Month: Windshield Wipers


Doing windshield wipers lying down will build the rotational core strength you need as a foundation. Lie on your back on the floor and raise your legs 90 degrees. Spread your arms straight out to your sides for support. Place the medicine ball between calves or knees. Rotate your legs to one side, stopping short of touching the floor. Rotate to the other side. As you improve, bring your arms closer into your body so they offer less stability. 

Beginner: remove medicine ball or bend knees to tabletop position.

Advanced: add additional weight to medicine ball or hang from pull-up bar to complete a more challenging version of the same exercise. 



  • 5:45am -6:15am Cardio BLAST (Kathy)
  • 8:00am- 8:30am Cardio BLAST (Kathy)
  • 9:00am- 9:30am Cardio BLAST (Kathy)


  • 5:45am- 6:15am Cycle & Core
  • 9:00am- 9:30am Cycle & Core


  • 5:45am KettleKUT
  • 9:00am KettleKUT


  • 5:45am- 6:15am BurnOUT (Kathy)
  • 8:00am- 8:30am BurnOUT (Kathy)
  • 9:00am- 9:30am BurnOUT (Kathy)
  • 11:00am- 11:30am Lunch Crunch (Kathy)


  • 8:00am-8:45am Spin (Kathy/ Margaret/ Autumn)
  • 9:15am-10am NineFifteen
  • 9:30-10:15am Mind/Body Yoga (Molly) NO MOLLY 7/31


  • CARDIO BLAST: short intervals of cardio bursts on treadmills, bikes, steppers for a calorie burning blast in a quick 30 minute class!
  • CYCLE & CORE: get the cardio benefit of a run without the impact in this cycling class that focuses on toning abs/ back all in one class!
  • KettleKUT: Swing, lift, drive, and curl that kettlebell to tone total body for that fresh KUT body!
  • BurnOUT- ply, bodyweight, bands, weights, medicine balls, cardio…it all belongs in this class to ensure your body gets an ultimate workout!
  • LUNCH CRUNCH- This class HIIT’s below the belt with kickboxing, core, and cardio focus!

Challenge of the Month:

Total Check-Ins! Be sure to check in at the front desk upon arrival to be entered. We will be rewarding the top 3 members! Stay healthy!


Thrive Kids Care is back and better than ever through a promotion of movement and wellness for even our littlest members! We can’t wait to share our class format with your children to ensure the whole family’s health is benefited by your visit to Thrive Gym. We added a child size smoothie to our menu so both you and your children can benefit from a post workout treat!

Monday-Thursday 9am-11am

Monday-Thursday 5pm-7pm

$5 Drop in Fee- 1 hour time limit

How To Use The iPad

  • Press the home button to wake up the screen
  • How To Choose and Play a Class

Click on the ‘Videos’ tab

Scroll through the classes and choose which one you would like to do

Click on the class you would like to take

 Class details will pop up and you are able to read about the class and what equipment it requires

Click on the play button in the middle of the screen and the class will start on the TV downstairs) THANK YOU!

We offer many different types of classes – mind & body, strength, spin, cardio, tabata, and more!!

Do you have our Zen Planner Member App?

When you signed up for Thrive Gym, you should have gotten a welcome email that explained how you can download this app with a temporary password! If you did not receive this email or can’t find it, just send us an email and we will email you a link to get all signed up for our app!

What are the benefits of having this App?

– Quickly contact us directly

– Easily edit your profile if your address/number/email changes

-Check daily class schedules